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Piano Music in a Church

Master Tape, Hi-Res, CD, Cassette

Hungarian Songs in a Chateau

Master Tape, Vinyl, Hi-Res, Cassette

Piano Music in a Chateau

Master Tape, Hi-Res, Cassette

Sampler Volume I

Master Tape

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What is a Reel to Reel Master Tape?

Analogue tape almost disappeared as the world went digital in the eighties. Fortunately, some fanatic guys want to save the best-sounding medium.

What is the difference between the best digital sound and Master Tape sound?

According to the testimonials of critical listeners, the difference in sound is dramatic. The Master Tape sound is more realistic and open; the soundstage is wider and deeper (and even higher), the instruments are well placed and defined, and the atmosphere is more present. However, the most crucial difference is in the listening experience: Master Tape recreates the original encounter with live music.

Available formats

Master Tape


master tape
  • Recording the Master SM468
  • 1/4" 2 tracks
  • 15 IPS CCIR (IEC1)
  • Playing time: 33 min
  • Delivery in 2 weeks



vinyl format
  • 180g virgin vinyl
  • DMM from tape
  • Limited number
  • Playing time 40 min
  • Delivery in 1 week



  • Select your cassette type
  • RTM, TDK SA and MA
  • Second generation copy
  • Playing time: 40-90 min
  • Preorder

Hi-Res Audio


hi-res audio
  • Hi-Res Audio
  • PCM 24bit/96kHz
  • FLAC
  • Download
  • Online

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