Piano Music in a Church



Genre: Classical
Composers: Chopin and Debussy
Performer: Endre Hegedus pianist
Recorded in St Patrick's Church, Kenmare, Ireland: 8-9 October 2008
Live recording
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The album "Piano Music in a Church" is a collection of beautiful encores of Frederic Chopin and Claude Debussy. Frederic Chopin was a Polish-French composer and pianist of the Romantic period, best known for his solo pieces for piano and his piano concerti. Although he wrote little but piano works, many of them brief, Chopin ranks as one of music's greatest tone poets by reason of his superfine imagination and fastidious craftsmanship. Claude Debussy was a French composer whose works were a seminal force in the music of the 20th century. He developed a highly original system of harmony and musical structure that expressed in many respects the ideals to which the Impressionist and Symbolist painters and writers of his time aspired.
Endre Hegedus, a world class concert pianist, was born in 1954 and graduated from the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest. Since 1978, he has won several prizes at ten international piano competitions. He gives regular concerts as a soloist and has had success on tours in several European countries, Australia, USA and Japan. Hegedus' exceptional live performances distinguish him as a master of tonal beauty and clarity.

Title Time Listen
1 Chopin: Sonata No. 3 in B minor Op. 58 3rd movement 09:11
2 Chopin: Nocturne in F sharp major Op. 15 03:43
3 Chopin: Waltz in D flat major Op. 64/1 01:42
4 Chopin: Waltz in C sharp minor Op. 64/2 03:07
5 Chopin: Prelude in A major Op. 28/7 00:46
6 Chopin: Prelude in C minor Op. 28/20 01:57
7 Chopin: Nocturne in B flat minor Op. 9/1 05:37
8 Chopin: Nocturne in E flat major Op. 9/2 04:08
9 Debussy: Claire de lune 05:05
10 Debussy: Le petit negre 01:27
11 Debussy: Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum 02:09
12 Debussy: Prélude: La fille aux cheveux de lin 02:44

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