Reviews of Tone-Pearls Records

Some interesting reviews and feedbacks about our recordings.

Michael Fremer, Stereophile, June 2009

...but the copy [TPRCD1] I have is as fine a piano recording as I've heard on CD

Frederic Beudot,, August 2009

This CD is as rich sounding, dynamic and beautifully scaled as the very best I have heard. (...) The two microphones convey the full sense of scale of the piano and its gigantic dynamic abilities while preserving the ambiance yet clearly show also the boundaries and slightly matt acoustics of the recording space.

David Holgate,, September 2009

You know the feeling when you want to stop thinking technology and just listen to the music? This was it.

Michael Fremer, Stereophile, November 2010

If you love solo piano, you need to find this disc.

Suave Kajko, Canada Hifi, January 2011

This disc contains some of the finest, live piano that I've listened to on my audio system.

Michael Fremer, Stereophile, February 2013

... the sense of being in the audience and seeing the piano in front of me was as convincing as I’ve ever experienced.