Creating an Adequate Medium for Musical Tone

What are Tone-Pearls?

It is not easy to find a comprehensible conceptual category for Tone-Pearls.

Tone-Pearls are in no way audio or acoustic equipments. In some respect, they might be regarded as „musical instruments“.

Actually, Tone-Pearls are etheric tone generators; they create an appropriate medium for musical tone. Functionally, Tone-Pearls enhance the listener's musical experience and the quality of music recordings.

The source of music is not in the physical but in the spiritual world. The composer does not "compose" (i.e. makes or creates music by putting together notes) music, rather acquires music from the spiritual world (the Hungarian language has the right expression "zeneszerző" which means "music-acquirer"). The musician recreates the music in his soul from the musical notation. At the performance, music appears as different movements of performer's body (arms, fingers, breath), this movement is transferred to the musical instrument. The music is now hidden in a musical instrument like motion and efficacy.

Unfortunately, we are separated from each other, we are kept apart from the performer's instrument in a concert hall. We are separated by air. Thus, the music should "travel" through the air. Music is efficacy (music is a force). Air is compressible. The only effect that any force can produce in the air is the compression of the air and as a consequence a compression wave. Compression wave in the air is only the effect of the music and not the music itself. Music is not at home in the air. Music is degraded in the air.

What would be an adequate medium for music? The real home or medium of music is the etheric tone field, which is not a physical but a spiritual field.

The best test of any scientific theory is an application (the proof of the pudding is in the eating). Based on the recognized principles of music, tone and space, we created an instrument, which was able to create etheric tone field. We called this instrument Tone-Pearls.

We are well aware that the above description is rather sketchy and not easy to understand. If you want to know more about Tone-Pearls please, contact us.

What are the possible applications of Tone-Pearls?

Tone-Pearls have been proved to be effective in the following fields:

  • Live indoor music (classical music concert, jazz concert, etc.)
  • Live outdoor music
  • Recorded music in a listening room
  • Recording live music
  • Theatre (speech and music)
  • Increasing intelligibility in mild hearing losses